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Double Glazing Installations

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uPVC Windows

Choose from our extensive range of double glazed windows. We offer competitive prices on our double glazing in styles to suit any type of home.

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uPVC Doors

We offer a uPVC door to complement any sort of property. Feel safe inside your Maidstone home with one of our fantastic uPVC Doors.

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Double Glazing Repairs

From replacement handles to damaged glass units, we can repair a wide range of uPVC windows and doors.

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uPVC Windows Maidstone

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Trusted Local Supplier

Highly Secure

Our uPVC windows come fitted with high security locking systems as standard, inbuilt into their design, so you have complete peace of mind and feel safe within your Maidstone home.

10 Year Guarantee

Exceptional Performance

We use only the very best modern materials when building our uPVC windows, meaning that they are durable, long-lasting and low maintenance, needing only a light wash to keep them at their very best.

Full Repair Service

Thermally Efficiency

All of the windows and doors that we produce here at Windows Kent are designed to be incredibly energy efficient, with energy ratings up to A+, trapping heat within your home so that you don’t have to rely so much on your central heating.

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Luxury Appearance

We offer a variety of different kinds of uPVC doors for your Maidstone home, including a range of different colours, glazing options and styles of frame. Create a unique look for your home.



uPVC Windows Maidstone

If you have noticed that your old uPVC or timber frames are getting on a bit, either looking shabbier around the edges or not providing you with the same high quality insulation or easy operation that you’re used to, then it may be time to renew your windows.

Timber frames may be sought after for their appearance, but the truth is that they are incredibly high maintenance; needing repainting every few years, as well as re-sanding and varnishing to keep them looking nice. uPVC, however, doesn’t need any of this and can happily last until the end of their life without any need to do anything except wash them down occasionally.
uPVC is also incredibly durable, easily lasting for up to 30 years at a time, being able to withstand exposure to the elements without cracking, warping, misshaping or losing any of its colour.

The Benefits of uPVC Windows for your Maidstone Home

There are a good couple of different design options available for what kind of windows you want for your property, each one with their own benefits.

Casement windows are the standard windows to get if you are looking for a simplistic yet classic look, and is also the standard base design of other windows, including bay windows. Similar to casement windows, French casements have two independently opening window sections that you can have opening either inward or outwards depending on where it is you want to save space.

If you don’t have the space either out or in for the arc swing on a window, sliding sash windows are a great way of saving yourself space and providing unobstructed views, with the sash sliding up or across itself instead of opening in or out. Similarly, Tilt and Turn windows are the best bet for ventilation without risking anything getting in or out, be it an intruder or an adventurous pet or child. Opening at set angles to prevent anyone from clambering through the gap, you can get light and ventilation without compromising your safety.

Bow and Bay windows are a great way of adding that extra bit of elbow room to your property, with the semi-circular space that is added being able to be used as additional floor space or have a window seat installed for additional relaxation and storage solutions.

Highly Desirable uPVC Windows

All homes have windows, but it is often the quality and design of those windows that can make or break the appearance of a property. While timber is highly desirable in appearance, the cost and time you have to spend in order to keep them looking their best is often more trouble that its worth.

uPVC windows, however, are a far more durable and long-lasting option for windows, with slimline frames bringing in massive amounts of light into your property, all freely customisable with a range of different colours and additional hardware. Low maintenance, uPVC windows only need the occasional light wash to get rid of any grime or dirt in order for them to continue providing outstanding views.

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High Security UPVC Windows in Maidstone

All of the windows that we have as part of our brochure come with high security locks fitted as standard, meaning that your windows will be protected against anyone trying to force or tamper with the lock to gain entry. uPVC is a durable material regardless, along with strong double glazing, so the frame or glass will also not give in easily against any excessive force. Our windows are also fully watertight and weatherproof.

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uPVC Window Prices in Maidstone

If you are looking to get a competitively priced, affordable double glazing solution for your property in Maidstone, then look no further than Windows Kent. Use our free online quoting engine to design and receive quotes for your own bespoke windows and specifications.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about any of our products or installation services, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, who will talk you through all of the information you may need to know.

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