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Patio Doors
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Double Glazing Installations

sliding patio doors gravesend

uPVC Windows

Choose from our extensive range of double glazed windows. We offer competitive prices on our double glazing in styles to suit any type of home.

sliding patio doors gravesend

uPVC Doors

We offer a uPVC door to complement any sort of property. Feel safe inside your Chatham home with one of our fantastic uPVC Doors.

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Double Glazing Repairs

From replacement handles to damaged glass units, we can repair a wide range of uPVC windows and doors.

uPVC patio doors gravesend

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Patio Doors Gravesend

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Why Choose First Glaze?

Trusted Local Supplier

Highly Secure

Our patio doors are able to protect you and your family from any burglars or intruders in Gravesend. We integrate advanced locking mechanisms throughout our designs, along with toughened double glazing to make our doors resistant to the most complex intrusion techniques.

10 Year Guarantee

Quality Construction

With our patio doors, you’ll get perfect performance that lasts for decades. We use premium-grade materials across our range to make sure your new doors won’t crack, bend, warp or distort over time, and function like brand-new doors with a smooth operation.

Full Repair Service

Energy Efficiency

Another crucial benefit of our patio doors is the thermal efficiency they provide for your home in Gravesend. You’ll create a durable thermal barrier for your home with advanced double glazing and profiles, meaning you can save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Beautiful Looks

Our patio doors can transform the look and feel of your living space. Our designs don’t need regular maintenance, can come in a variety of colours and finishes, and are fully weatherproof and entirely customisable to make sure you get bespoke designs that last for decades.

Patio Doors Gravesend

Patio doors are a great way to make your home in Gravesend feel brighter, bigger, and more open to nature. These doors have a unique sliding opening, meaning all you have to do is push the door to one side to make the whole design disappear into the corner of the room. This unique opening mechanism allows patio doors to transform any room inside your home. You could blur the borders between rooms, or you could connect your living space to your garden seamlessly.

Patio doors are brilliant for homes with big gardens and balconies, and they’re easy to access. Your new patio doors will be a made-to-measure fit for your home, and you can install low-threshold options to make your living space easier to access. And, with the use of advanced double glazing, innovative security technology and durable, weatherproof profiles, our patio doors offer superb performance for Gravesend homes. Get in touch today to find out more about how our patio doors can take your property to the next level!

Get in touch today and learn more about how our patio doors can elevate your property to the next level.

Unparalleled Functionality

The main reason patio doors are so popular in Gravesend is their unique design. Unlike most doors, which open with a swing arc, patio doors function on a horizontal sliding track. Because of this, the whole door can slide across the track to reveal a wide-open entrance to any room, and there’s no obstruction from the door swinging inward or outward. As a result, there’s less chance of an accident, and you can make your living area feel more spacious.

We install patio doors with industry-leading uPVC profiles, too. Supplied by Liniar, one of the most trusted names around, these profiles make our patio doors highly durable for homes in Gravesend. Your design will be able to last for decades, and you won’t have to carry out any regular maintenance on your design either. Unlike timber doors, our premium-grade uPVC profiles make our modern patio doors able to stand the test of time and operate smoothly for thousands of uses.

Advanced Security

We make sure you and your family’s security is our top priority. It’s why the sliding patio doors we install in Gravesend come fitted with the most advanced security hardware on the market today. We install our doors with multi-point locking mechanisms from Yale, making them highly robust. These locks stop any burglars from being able to separate the toughened glazing in your doors from the uPVC profiles.

We integrate this toughened glass directly into your patio doors to protect your Gravesend home. The glass makes the doors more impact-resistant, meaning forced-entry attempts are much less likely to work. And, with their in-line slider, patio doors are harder to prise open from underneath with a crowbar, giving you another layer of protection. That way, these doors are the best option for you and your family’s peace of mind.

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Child Safe

We make our patio doors safe for everybody in your family – including the kids! Our designs have finger-traps-free technology that stops your little ones getting their hands caught in the opening of the door. And, with a low-threshold option, there will be a reduced risk of slips, trips and falls.

uPVC patio doors medway

Thermally Efficient Performance

Our patio doors will also improve the insulation in your Gravesend home, keeping you and your family warm all year round. The advanced double glazing in our designs creates a durable thermal barrier for your home, retaining its natural heat while blocking out cold air, draughts and damp spots. As a result, our patio doors can help you cut the cost of your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint!

Enhanced Tranquillity

Patio doors can even make your home in Gravesend a little quieter. These doors have superb soundproofing, thanks to their strong profiles and glazing panels. As a result, you and your family can enjoy a warmer, more comfortable living space without having to deal with any distractions like traffic, loud music and commotion from outside.

sliding patio doors chatham

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