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We offer a uPVC door to suit any style of home. Feel safe inside your home with one of our fantastic selection of versatile uPVC Doors.

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Why Choose First Glaze?

Trusted Local Supplier

Fantastic Functionality

Our range of high-quality front doors will function brilliantly for your Chatham home for years to come. The designs we install offer a superior level of operation in any conditions, and long into the future as well.

10 Year Guarantee

Highly Secure

With our front door range, you’ll be able to protect what matters most inside your home. All of our doors are highly secure, with robust profiles, tough locks and Secured by Design-accredited hardware to keep you safe.

Full Repair Service


We use premium double glazing panels across our collection of front doors for your home in Chatham. That means our doors can achieve energy ratings of up to A+, helping you stay warm and to save money on your bills.

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Stylish Aesthetics

With First Glaze, you can design your dream front door from our wide range of customisable options! Our range of doors will come with unique colours, woodgrain foils, hardware and more, and they’re always made-to-measure.

Industry Leading Front Doors for Chatham Homes

At First Glaze, we can fit fantastic front doors that are fully customisable for your home in Chatham. Our front doors are composite doors, meaning that they blend materials rather than having just one in the design. A composite front door will feature a solid timber core, giving the design an authentic look, but the wood is surrounded by more durable materials like uPVC and GRP. As a result, the door is protected from wind and rain, and it can last for much longer.

With our front doors, you’ll be able to protect your Chatham home from everything the world can throw at it. You’ll give your home a thermal barrier to keep you warm, a solid installation to keep you secure, and a weatherproof design that doesn’t warp, crack, twist or fade for years to come. And, with our fully customisable range, the possibilities are endless! Find out more today about our high-quality composite front doors, and discover our competitive prices when you start your online quote.

Benefits of Our Front Doors

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

The main benefit of our high-quality front doors is how they can keep your Chatham home warm throughout the year. Composite front doors have a dense, layered structure, meaning cold air has much further to travel to start affecting your home. Not only that, your home’s natural heat stays inside, as there’s less chance of it escaping through a thicker door.

Because of this, our composite front doors will keep your Chatham home warm and comfortable, no matter the time of year. And, unlike timber doors that have a similar look, the designs won’t weaken, crack or warp to give room for cold air to enter your home. Our doors will maintain an excellent level of insulation for decades to come, helping you reduce you reliance on your central heating and saving you money on your energy bills!

Oustanding Home Security

We also make sure you can keep you and your family safe with our range of composite front doors. At First Glaze, we put your security first, which is why we don’t cut corners in fitting your doors with the latest advanced security hardware. That’s why your front door will come with multi-point locking systems fixed on the internal glass panel as standard, ensuring there are no weak spots for burglars to exploit in your new entrance.

Because our doors are fully weatherproof, they’ll also maintain their strength and durability for years to come. Premium-grade locks and hinges won’t rust or wear down or wind and rain, as our robust uPVC and GRP layers will be able to protect the hardware from the worst weather conditions. As a result, our composite front doors can give you peace of mind inside your Chatham home for decades to come!

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Low Maintenance Solution

By installing composite front doors from First Glaze, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. That’s because the uPVC and GRP layers inside the doors are highly durable and fully weatherproof, meaning they won’t suffer any visible damage. The materials are scratch-resistant, and the colours and finishes you choose for your design won’t fade after years of exposure to the elements. The colours you choose are imbued into the frame directly for a long-lasting finish that doesn’t need regular upkeep!

Bespoke Profiles

First Glaze can help you install front doors that look like no other for your Chatham home. It’s because our full range of doors is customisable for your home, and we can offer bespoke profiles to suit any specification. You can pick out a bold option, a more muted design, or go with something else entirely to make your home stand out or blend in. No matter the design you opt for, our friendly installation team will fit it made-to-measure for your home around your schedule.

Tailored to You

Every part of our front doors is tailored for you. You can pick out unique handles and accessories to make your door suit a modern or traditional home alike, and you can customise many other aspects as well. You can choose unique glazing to add a decorative design of give you more privacy, and our colours and finishes are able to stand the test of time. At First Glaze, we also finish the front doors we install for homes in Chatham by hand, providing the finishing touch that makes our bespoke doors a brilliant addition.

Front Doors Installed in Chatham


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We are also happy to discuss our services with you over the phone or via email. Get in touch with our team today and we will be happy to answer any queries you have about our services, products and prices.

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