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Choose from our extensive range of double glazed windows. We offer competitive prices on our double glazing in styles to suit any type of home.

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We offer a uPVC door to complement any sort of property. Feel safe inside your Maidstone home with one of our fantastic uPVC Doors.

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From replacement handles to damaged glass units, we can repair a wide range of uPVC windows and doors.

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Aluminium Windows Maidstone

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Protect your home from any potential intruders with our high security locking systems, fitted as standard into all of the windows we provide. Feel safe and secure within your Maidstone home with our top-of-the-range windows.

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Flawless Functionality

Using high quality, modern materials, our windows are durable and long lasting, able to withstand even the worst kinds of weather without affecting their performance or operation.

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Thermally Efficient

Keep your home warmer for longer, saving you money on heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint with our energy efficient and weatherproof windows that can achieve energy ratings of up to A +.

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Outstanding Aesthetic

You will be sure to find windows that perfectly suit your property and your own personal taste, designed and tailored to your exact specifications.

Aluminium Windows Maidstone

The aluminium windows that we offer will completely transform your property in Maidstone, being complementary to both your own sense of style but also being perfectly suited to both modern and traditional style properties. With these slimline aluminium frames, your home will have that modern touch that brings out all of the pre-existing features of your property. Bringing in a lot of natural light, they also provide amazing views outside.

With our online service, you can design your windows to be exactly how you want them, including choosing from different styles, materials, colours and additional features so that you can be sure that the windows you are getting are perfect and unique to you and your Maidstone property.

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are an amazing addition to have in any Maidstone home, providing a number of perks and benefits that any homeowner is sure to value.

Aluminium is an amazing material, being able to last for years without any needed maintenance outside from the occasional wash to keep them clean. Timber frames, whilst being desirable for their traditional aesthetic, can be a lot of hard work, needing to be repainted, sanded and varnished every few years in order to keep their appearance. uPVC, on the other hand, may be just as durable but can clash with the appearance of a property as well as being less environmentally friendly.

Aluminium, being a naturally occurring material, is both widely recyclable and sustainably sourced.
Our aluminium windows are also incredibly thermally efficient, with state of the art double glazing and frames that trap warm air within your home and prevent cold air or condensation from getting in. This means that you won’t be so dependant on your central heating during the colder months, saving you money on your heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Sought After Solutions

Aluminium windows are a highly sought after solution because of their longevity and sleek, modern appearance. Able to blend in with any kind of property design, they bring in a much-needed injection of natural light into the home and gives your property a luxurious appearance.

The frames have a slim profile, maximising the amount of glass per window which means more light and better, unimpeded views. Incredibly versatile, they can suit any property you may have and bring that sense of contemporary innovation to your Maidstone home.

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High Security Aluminium Windows in Maidstone

The aluminium windows that we offer here at Windows Kent are lightweight and easily installable, but that does not mean that they in any way compromise anything in terms of security. All of the windows that we offer as part of our range all come with a highly secure locking system fitted as standard, incorporated into the frame. Aluminium is a strong material in its own right, and, with the sturdy double glazing, is sure to withstand any excessive force put upon it by either harsh weather conditions or any potential intruders.

Aluminium windows are highly recommended because of their watertight features, preventing water ingress and draughts, which are known to cause dampness. Your Maidstone home will be warm and dry all winter long.

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Aluminium Window Prices in Maidstone

Our aluminium windows are competitively priced, with each quote tailored around your exact specifications outlined through using our online quoting engine, where you can choose from different sizes, styles, materials, colours and additional features.

If you have any questions about any of the products or installations that we perform, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team, who will be all too happy to talk you through all of the information you may need to know.

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